Press Release:
On September 14, 2010, accomplished singer Michelle Anthony will release her long-awaited new full-length record, ‘Tornadoes.’

“After much living, writing, recording, re-recording, mixing and mastering, the album’s complete,” Michelle Anthony says, with a giant smile, from her Austin home.

For such an ominous title, the actual recording, mixing, and mastering experience was incredibly enjoyable. Anthony explains, “All the musicians, engineers and co-producers made ‘Tornadoes,’ ironically, the easiest, least-challenging recording experience of my life. Maybe it’s because I’ve let this process take four years since my last release. Maybe it’s just easier to be patient and take my sweet time. Who knows, but it worked.”

Michelle Anthony is a KC native, Milwaukee transplant and currently calls Austin, TX her home. Her debut album, ‘Stand Fall Repeat,’ was co-produced by the late-great Jay Bennett (ex-Wilco). She quickly followed up her debut with her second release, ‘Frozenstarpalace’, the album was well-received by critics and fans: “She has the unaffected delivery of her Midwestern heritage and the ability, reminiscent of Sarah McLachlan, to quietly insinuate herself into spaces between conscious thoughts,” No Depression Magazine.

On her third release, ‘Tornadoes,’ Michelle showcases a more mature and relaxed songwriting style; from the Sheryl Crow pop-anthem sounding “Vacancy” to the tasty guitar-riffing in “Black Coal Heart” to the emotional ballad and title track “Tornadoes” describing motherhood to the lovely “Spare Me,” which effortlessly blends a Prince meets Spoon vibe.

The inspiration for much of the album was motherhood, but also the very scary, life-threatening illness Michelle had after Liam (her first child) was born. Michelle had pre-ecclampsia and developed HELLP syndrome which made her appreciate life in a different, more grateful way. “I wouldn’t have ever written a song like ‘Tornadoes’ or ‘Beautiful’ before this experience.” Michelle kept a positive theme throughout the making of the entire record. “It’s a ‘thankful’ record.”

Four songs on the record were inspired by her son. “I wrote ‘Permanent’ for Liam. I was pretty scared during the first months of Liam’s life. I was so worried I wouldn’t be here for him. I wanted to leave him something more meaningful than material things for him remember me by. I wanted him to have my voice and words, should he ever need them, so I left him a song. I’d never really focused much on writing in a positive light, probably because I thought it would sound silly or forced. On this record, I wrote more autobiographically and if I felt amazingly happy, rather than doubt it, I just went with it.”

“If you were walking into a club, Austin-based singer Michelle Anthony’s Louisville Slugger of a voice would hit you right in the ears.” – The Pitch

“An artist who can claim brilliance as part of her vocabulary.” – Entertainment News and Views (Miami)

“Blessed with a commanding voice reminiscent of Chrissie Hynde.” – Dallas Observer


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